Android phones as smart energy and environmental monitors

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Geography - SoGE


2 reports will be commissioned from market and technology experts. Both reports will cover:
1 - Analysis of markets. Primarily of the most obvious applications where there are established or growing markets, with a focus on potentials for market penetration through cost and efficiency, e.g. electricity, gas, water, fuel monitors, temperature and humidity measurement. It is also intended to include expectable changes and openings in markets, such as through regional/national changes to environmental and mitigation policies, and changes in consumer behaviours and insurance regulation and practices.
2 - Competitor analysis: investigate the competitors' market share, pricing and functionality - this will also show us if there are possible opportunities for collaboration rather than competition, eg where components of our technologies could improve existing products, and potentials for licensing.
3 - Feasibility and product development business potential. Estimate the price and functionality of the prototype and related service (assuming continued development, bulk manufacture etc) and how it compares to the competitors.
4 - Novel areas and new markets. Investigate the potential for prototypes in which there is no clear competitor but the data is perceived to be useful (moisture content, of soils, grain and building fabric etc).
The reports will show if and where there are commercial opportunities for our technology. It will potentially find possible users, collaborations, distributors, anticipated changes for further scoping and businesses to partner with and routes to market.

Planned Impact

Impact summary
Some commercial opportunities for the proposed smart phone sensing already appear promising, such as for instance in energy. However, if the full potential of a concept with such broad applicability is to be exploited, the Follow-on project must be carefully targeted at a shortlist of the most promising areas for commercialisation. For subsequent development of products, a lack of focus, or insufficiently clearly defined target markets, would dilute the effectiveness of a Follow-on project, hence the need for this Pathfinder proposal.
Impact would include strong socio-economic benefits. Those benefits would include marketable products, and, far more importantly, informed change to consumption patterns and resource management, potentially at domestic, commercial and national scales, with contributions to existing and underdeveloped areas of environmental management and finance, conservation, mitigation, risk management, and insurance.
Business plans which would come out of the Follow on Fund would be directed from the information gleaned from the Pathfinder, in order to optimise the chances of effective application and commercial success with a technology that has a potentially very wide range of applications.


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