The Development of Novel Manufacturing Techniques for Nuclear Applications


The production of large and ultra-large forgings for civil nuclear applications presents many challenges, from logistical to metallurgical. With the development of production routes used to manufacture near-net shape forgings, the complexity of the forged component is increasing. The increased complexity means that traditional, component measurement techniques are pushed to their limits and these measurements can only be made once the forging reaches room temperature. This study intends to investigate the feasibility of using 3D laser scanners to measure large/ultra large forgings at both elevated and room temperature. This capability would give forge personnel the opportunity to compare the 3D forged geometry with the final part and immediately allow for rectification if necessary. The project also intends to look at ways to optimse the heat treatment of such large forged components.

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Sheffield Forgemasters RD26 Limited, Sheffield, United Kingdom £1,456,998 £ 728,499


Mermec UK Limited, DERBY £288,026 £ 144,013
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom £129,101 £ 54,645


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