Additive Manufacturing of Precious Metal Jewellery (PRECIOUS)

Lead Participant: Delcam Limited


This project is aimed at rapidly bringing to full commercial maturity the proces of 3D-Printing (or Additive Manufacturing) of precious metal jewellery items that is currently at varying stages of partial readiness at a small number of UK companies. To achieve this the members of our consortium will work together to mutually solve a number of outstanding problems by use of some clever, problem solving, end-to-end system integrations. Ranging from optimising the design creation and development process, through the various known manufacturing issues to produce items of well designed, high quality and highly polished, commercially saleable jewellery. To achieve this the consortium partners will also create operational and viable supply, distribution and value chains that reflect effectively the development of the new business model this project requires.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Delcam Limited, BIRMINGHAM £184,956 £ 92,570


Birmingham City University, United Kingdom £68,874 £ 68,874
Future Factories Ltd, SOUTH RAUCEBY £32,080 £ 19,248
Finishing Techniques Limited, BURY £74,297 £ 44,578
Cookson Precious Metals Limited £103,870 £ 51,935


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