Non-invasive photonic sensors for detection of latent fungal infections and internal rot or disorders in fruit


This project aims to develop a new form of non-invasive, real-time quality control system to improve production efficiency in agrifood industries. A new type of optical based analsyer which will be able to differentiate between healthy fruit, and fruit with internal disorders such as rot or latent infection, will be developed. The proposed instrument will be easily integrated into exisiting packaging line systems and aims to provide early detection of infected or spoiled fruit, such that this fruit can be marketed early or discarded to prevent the spread of further infection. Overall, this type of quality control with result in a new method of crop management, increasing prodution efficiency and yields, and therefore benefiting the UK and worldwide markets.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cascade Technologies Limited, Stirling £704,831 £ 422,899


Berry Gardens Growers Limited £21,000 £ 10,500
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £162,575 £ 162,575


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