Authenticated Self - The "aS" Platform

Lead Participant: Evidentia Limited


While there is pent up demand for a reliable alternative to user passwords in SMEs working with sensitive and commercial information, there is news everyday of security breaches, cyber-attacks & data compromises. To compound the issue, many employees use personally owned devices to access work systems which increases the risks.
The proposed authenticatedSelf “aS” platform seeks to resolve the factors that breach security by reliably authenticating that the person accessing the system is who they purport to be. We will target the diverse SME community where there is heavy use of remote IT and those organisations most vulnerable to attack/vulnerability of remote working.
The project will use employees' personal Smart Phones which will only grant access to secure systems when they detect a number of worn NFC tags in close proximity. The requirement for a certain number of closeby tags in association with energy efficient security protocols will address the above problems.

Lead Participant , Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Evidentia Limited, HERNE BAY £265,400 £ 159,240


University of Kent, United Kingdom £115,908 £ 115,908


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