Optimised Electric System Architecture


This joint initiative between GE, the University of Warwick and the University of Nottingham is focusing on

innovation in the field of marine energy and power systems. The consortium draws on key strengths i.e. GE’s

UK engineering talent, Whetstone testing and Rugby manufacturing facilities combined with University of

Warwick’s expertise with motors and University of Nottingham’s analytics. The project’s outcome is an

optimised electric system with DC architecture, energy storage and high power-density motor with innovative

cooling to benefit major naval programmes, both in the UK and abroad.

Lead Participant , Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ge Energy Power Conversion UK Limited, WARWICKSHIRE £1,222,736 £ 661,369


University of Nottingham, United Kingdom £97,736 £ 97,736
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £119,251 £ 119,251


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