Balanced Energy Networks

Lead Participant: Icax Limited


The Balanced Energy Networks project will deliver both a physical and digital network to integrate systems that will enable the balancing of heating, cooling, electricity, and carbon, in a way that minimises costs.

Addressing the energy trilemma - delivering security of supply, at low cost, and with low carbon emissions - is a key requirement for achieving a sustainable and prosperous economy. The Balanced Energy Networks project will build a working demonstration of the integrated system at London South Bank University (LSBU). This will involve the construction of an inter-seasonal thermal storage system to balance the production of heating and cooling throughout the year. It will also create a bi-directional network to balance electricity supply and demand. Attached to these physical and information and control networks will be a range of innovative technologies including one which can both generate electricity and remove carbon dioxide from the air, allowing the overall system to be carbon neutral.

Lead Participant , Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Icax Limited, LONDON £1,065,072 £ 745,550


Mixergy Limited, THAME £211,517 £ 148,062
Origen Power Ltd, WALSALL £333,049 £ 233,134
London South Bank University, United Kingdom £658,377 £ 658,377
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £511,729 £ 511,729
Upside Energy Ltd, NORTHWICH £385,746 £ 270,022
Terra Firma Ground Investigation Limited, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD £488,348 £ 341,844


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