The Automato Robot project aims to address the seasonal labour constraints in the UK/European

tomato industry and their increasing cost through the development of a cost-effective robotic system

that performs on-crop quality and ripeness inspection and then automated harvesting.

The project brings together state of the art knowledge of innovative robotic arms, 3D sensing, computer

vision and object/pattern recognition as well as expert industry knowledge of commercial greenhouse

operations and optimum growing/harvesting practices.

This is an industry led project with clear goals for manufacturing and commercialisation post-project

following proof of concept demonstration.

Lead Participant , Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ltd., OXFORD £68,780 £ 24,073


University of Lincoln, United Kingdom £174,685 £ 174,685
Xihelm Limited, London £502,575 £ 226,159
Stc Research Foundation, Selby £111,151 £ 111,151
The Shadow Robot Company Limited, London, UNITED KINGDOM £2,011 £ 905


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