From Telerobotics to Teleautonomy


This Project reviewed the state of the art in robotics and teleoperation inside and outside the nuclear industry to form recommendations as to how new technologies can be applied to address the significant challenges faced in the nuclear industry. Scenario-based roadmapping was undertaken, producing an assessment of key capabilities requiring nuclear-specific development, as well as an understanding of available robotics technologies that could be quickly brought across to the industry, and initial concept prototypes were produced.

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Project Cost

Grant Offer

The Shadow Robot Company Limited, London, UNITED KINGDOM £44,554 £ 31,516


National Nuclear Laboratory Limited, Warrington £32,037 £ 24,028
Rts Flexible Systems Limited, LEEDS £32,148 £ 24,111
R.U.Robots Limited, MORPETH £22,724 £ 15,000


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