Grasp Stabilisation and Control - GSC


Robots should be used more widely to perform difficult, dirty and dangerous tasks. At present, there is some use of “remote handling” and “remote manipulation” robots in these tasks, but if the robots were more capable, it would be easier to do, and the systems would perform better.
Recent research in how to get robots to manipulate objects is now being tested to see if it can be used to solve real-world problems. The GCS project will test new designs of sensing and new algorithms for manipulation to understand how they can be applied to make robots more capable of handling objects in the real world, which in the future should mean more robots, and fewer humans, in dangerous places.

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The Shadow Robot Company Limited, London, UNITED KINGDOM £93,043 £ 69,780


King's College London, United Kingdom £31,889 £ 31,889


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