Oxford Transport Laboratory

Lead Participant: Preston Motorsport Limited


The project aims to create an integrated transportation eco-system (“Oxford Transport Laboratory”) that will be used to manage and optimise transportation in the city of Oxford with short term goal of minimising the effect of the Westgate development scheduled to start in 2014 and as a longer term goal of increasing economic activity in Oxford while reducing traffic congestion. The project aims to create know-how and technology that can be transferred to similar city centres in the UK and then to develop economic benefit by expanding this expertise to the world.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Preston Motorsport Limited £17,922 £ 13,441


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £12,001 £ 12,001
Elisa Interactive Ltd, LONDON £17,966 £ 11,678
Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom £11,985 £ 11,985
Zeta Automotive Limited, SUNDERLAND £19,211 £ 14,408


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