GRAVIA - Contiguous graphene ultra-barrier films for flexible electronic applications


The project will investigate the feasbility of producing very high quality barrier films in standard test formats for high quality flexible encapsulation of OLED and plastic logic display applications.These exhibit ultra low water vapour transfer rates (WVTR) of less than 1 X 10-6 g/m2 per day using self healing multilayers of high quality CVD graphene and Atomic Layer Deposited (ALD) amorphous alumina multilayers. The work will explore the neccessary industrial process parameters to ensurelowest price point at which the minimum barrier properties can be delivered The resultant barrier films will be benchmarked against existing barrier coatings in WVTR and mechanical flex tests. The industrial innovation will be producing a fully flexible, self-healed (contiguous), optically transparent film of 25cm2 (beyond the current state of art 4cm2) using advanced characterisation and quality control metrologies to ensure iterative development. The resultant understanding gained from the feasibility studies will be used to model and anticipate future larger film systems and will be also exploitated where possible by barrier seeking end users and through joint KTN activities to target these communities.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Centre for Process Innovation Limited, REDCAR £66,961 £ 50,221


Flexenable Limited, Cambridge £35,377 £ 26,533
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Npl Management Limited, TEDDINGTON £6,074 £ 3,948


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