A Community Energy Investment Model (CEIM) for post-war housing

Lead Participant: Encraft Limited


This project aims to develop a set of solutions to give communities much more control over their energy bills. it will do this by providing an integrated package of technical solutions for clusters of 5-20 buildings and supporting these with a commercial model which reduces total energy costs for everyone over the lifetime of the technologies. The package of solutions will include tailored insulation for each building, local electricity generation from solar panels, new district heating systems, electric vehicles, modern control technologies and energy storage. These investments will be funded by a local energy services company and many will be delivered and maintained by local people. The idea is that widespread deployment of this kind of solution across the country will lead to much stronger local supply chains for distributed energy technologies, as well as faster transition to a more efficient national energy system and lower heating and electricity bills.

Lead Participant , Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Encraft Limited, Leamington Spa £19,813 £ 11,708


Cenex (Centre of Excellence For Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies), Loughborough £5,200 £ 5,200
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council £2,300 £ 2,180


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