Lead Participant: Encraft Limited


Net-Form uses data to turn a car park into a large MW-scale battery to provide power on demand to the

electricity grid. It is an innovative, secure, data management platform that collects, aggregates and

dynamically-optimises large populations of grid-connected electric vehicle batteries at a single location. Net-

Form provides a managed service to the network and income to owners, who control access to their vehicles

via a secure mobile application. Net-Form is unique in that integrates and analyses diverse sets of data and

time-sensitive information to optimise the energy system in a non-invasive way.

Lead Participant , Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Encraft Limited, Leamington Spa £38,577 £ 27,004


Aston University, United Kingdom £6,565 £ 6,565
Costain Group Plc, MAIDENHEAD £10,243 £ 5,122
Cenex (Centre of Excellence For Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies), Loughborough £9,649 £ 9,649
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council £3,516 £ 3,516


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