Examination of the technical feasibility of providing on-site diagnostic PCR for aquaculture

Lead Participant: Europharma Scotland Ltd


Current methods of veterinary diagnostics in aquaculture rely heavily upon PCR which is
carried out by centralized laboratory services.
This results in time delays due to the collected
samples having to be shipped to a remote lab prior to analysis, resulting in lost time in respect
of disease diagnosis and implementation of management intervention.
The current project will examine the feasibility of building a basic prototype system to carry out specialist testing and demonstration of PCR diagnostics carried out in situ in the harsh marine aquaculture environment.
A successful project will provide a pathway to the future development of commercial systems and services to provide point of care PCR diagnostics for diseases in aquaculture, facilitating a rapid response by on site staff and veterinary service providers.
The system can also be used for testing seawater readiness of salmon at hatcheries.
Use of such a system will thus improve animal health and welfare, as well as the sustainability of
aquaculture operations.

Lead Participant

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Europharma Scotland Ltd, CLYDEBANK £130,577 £ 78,346


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