Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and the Creative Industries

Lead Research Organisation: Birmingham City University
Department Name: Unlisted


A series of four two-day regional meetings will be held over the 12 months of the project. Each of the four partner institutions will host one event, starting in December 2006. Further seminars will follow in March, June and September 2007. The September seminar will be three days, and the project will culminate with a dissemination conference in November 2007.
The seminars will establish a network of clients and invitees, feature case studies to illustrate methodologies for KTP in creative industries and identify expertise.

The specific themes for discussion are:

1. Technology transfer in new product and process development

2. Impacts within the firm of KTP; Rapid design audits

3. External Impacts of KTP & Design impact studies

4. Associate learning

The network will provide a forum for regionally centered discussion of each theme, with a super-ordinate theme of identifying 'best practice' to provide suitable illustrations that can be employed as a research resource, for the dissemination of research findings and the promotion of KTPs in creative industries. The aim is to develop specific research proposals based on these discussions.


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