'Running to stand still': Evolution and management of drug resistance in healthcare and agriculture.

Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
Department Name: Agro-Ecology



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Description The award enabled the PI and a key collaborator (Dr Silvie Huijben, IS Global, Barcelona) to organise and host a workshop in Barcelona, Spain. The workshop brought together international experts in diverse disciplines concerned with the evolution of resistance to xenobiotics and drugs in agriculture and healthcare (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, anti-microbials, anti-protozoals, anti-cancer therapy. Research expertise of attendees was focused towards eco-evolutionary questions and their application to resistance management across settings. The workshop shared knowledge and perspectives across disparate fields and was aimed towards establishing common problems and common solutions for agriculture and healthcare. Issues addressed including optimal treatment strategies and dose rates. A 'horizon scan' was performed to identify key future research questions across disciplines.
Exploitation Route Workshop attendees are seeking funding mechanisms to maintain and enhance future communication across disciplines, through additional workshops, education activities, collaborative research and lab exchanges. An application for a NSF Research Collaboration Network is being discussed and this may provide opportunities for NSF-BBSRC link-up in these areas.

Recently, I have become aware of a Gordon Research Conference on drug resistance being planned for July 2018 at Bryant University, USA. The goals of this conference are 'Building a drug resistance community - Diverse fields, common themes and solutions'. The conference outline stresses the desire to bring together researchers from disparate fields in healthcare and medicine to tackle resistance problems. I have expressed an interest to attend and present at this conference to continue to build on the outcomes of the international workshop, organised in Barcelona during 2016.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Environment,Healthcare,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology

Description London Evolutionary Research Network conference 
Form Of Engagement Activity A talk or presentation
Part Of Official Scheme? No
Geographic Reach Regional
Primary Audience Postgraduate students
Results and Impact The London Evolutionary Research Network is run by a collective of postgraduate students and early career scientists working at universities and institutions in and around London. During December 2016, the LERN organised their 2016 conference around the theme 'Applying evolutionary principles to medicine and agriculture' I was an invited keynote speaker and presented a 45 minute talk entitled 'Running to stand still': the evolution of resistance to pesticides and drugs in agriculture and medicine. The talk was attended by about 60 PhD students, postdoctoral scientists and researchers.

The conference provided the opportunity for early career researchers, working in the sometimes disparate fields of medicine and agriculture to come together and share perspectives on the evolutionary challenges and solutions relating to efforts towards securing global food security, human healthcare and bioscience for health
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2016
URL https://londonevolution.org/lern2016/