Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research - Newcastle University

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: Sch of Computer Science


The Newcastle Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research pursues the research vision "Protecting Society's Fabric."
Following the conviction that cyber security does not arise from protecting critical infrastructures alone, the Centre complements core security research (such as cryptography, secure system engineering, or information assurance techniques) with initiatives to protect and support stakeholders (victims and investigators) and a strong focus on science and human dimensions of cyber security. The Centre benefits from Newcastle's long-standing research in dependability and formal methods and has established a leading, rigorous research methodology for the science and human dimensions of cyber security.

Part of the Centre's research is focused on the resilience of critical and emergent infrastructures, where examples include the Internet's identity backbone, the cloud or e-voting as well as the Internet of Things or emergent payment systems.

The Centre offers research on the secure design of security protocols, including cryptographic and formal methods to ascertain the security of such protocols in various contexts.

The Centre investigates the human dimensions of cyber security and scientific, evidence-based methods to strengthen cyber security research. Here, the Centre's investigators ask questions such as how human beings behave in security and privacy situations and how cyber security technologies can become usable.

The Newcastle Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research has a history of collaborating with regional, national and international businesses, government and public-sector organizations as well as NGOs aiming at offering more security and privacy for societies and their individuals, in keeping with the theme of "Protecting Society's Fabric."

Planned Impact

1. Cyber Security Hub in the Northeast of England.
The Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research creates a cyber security hub in the region and seeks to impact regional businesses as well as other universities. Businesses and universities will benefit from the events, knowledge exchanges and collaborations either immediately with investigators of the Centre or Centre-co-founded initiatives, such as Cyber North.

2. Economic and Societal Impact in the Northeast
As the civic university Newcastle, the Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research seeks to impact the overall development of the Northeast by joint ventures and an infusion of know-how and innovation. There are a number of SMEs co-located with Newcastle University, especially on the new Science Central campus, that benefit from the contacts with the Centre.

3. Knowledge Impact
The Centre's research agenda stands to yield results impacting strategic technologies, such as identity management or cloud. It benefits designated strategic topics in the UK cyber security research strategy, including cryptography, risk management or building trusted systems. The Centre supports evidence-based methods for cyber security and stands to advance the research methodology of the field.

4. Training
The Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research offers training for students and PhD students as well as positions for highly qualified individuals. Centre investigators offer PhD positions themselves and also act as supervisors for the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centres in Digital Civics and Cloud Computing for Big Data. Furthermore, the Centre supports an MSc programme in Computer Security and Resilience.


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