Friendship in Transition: Exploring children's relationship practices and their impacts on anti-bullying, welfare, and s

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Sch of Social Sciences


This postdoctoral fellowship concerns the study of children’s friendships and draws on doctoral fieldwork undertaken with a group of children (aged 10-12) as they undertook the important rite-of-passage between primary and secondary schooling. Data about the children’s emotional, cultural and social experiences were gathered using a wide range of ethnographic and qualitative methods. Over a twelve-month period children from four schools were observed in classrooms and on playgrounds, building up a vivid picture of their friendship groups in the context of their schools. During the fellowship a small amount of additional research will be undertaken with the children involved in this research, and findings from the doctoral research disseminated to academics, policy makers, teachers and parents, focusing on the key areas of bullying, the primary-secondary transfer, and sex education. The award period will also be used to develop rigorously designed future research concerning the complex and lasting effects of children’s transitions between institutions, and to investigate strategies and methods for studying children’s perspectives of this important period in their lives.


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