Transitions, choices and health at older ages: life course analyses of longitudinal data.

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: School of Public Health


The project will investigate the relationship between paid employment, informal caring and health in women and men aged 50 years or more in England & Wales, with some comparisons with people of the same age in Scotland, Italy and Finland. The first topic will be labour market exit – how do the life courses since middle age differ among the early retired, those who retire at the State Pension Age (SPA) and those who continue in paid employment after SPA; what part does health play, both as an influence and a consequence, in these different life courses; and how are these relationships changing over time and within different types of welfare state? The second topic will be informal caring for a sick, infirm or disabled person – how does such caring combine with fulltime or part-time paid employment both pre- and post-SPA; how do these various combinations of caring and employment relate to health; what are the life courses into these combinations of health, informal caring and paid employment? These questions will be answered using the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (0.5M people, 1971-2001 Censuses), with comparative analyses of the Scottish, Turin and Finnish Longitudinal Studies.


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