Understanding the relationship between violent and non-violent radical Islamist mobilisation in Europe: A comparative study

Lead Research Organisation: DEMOS
Department Name: Research


In the context of growing concerns about the rise of a new security challenge in Europe – violent radicalism associated with Islam – this Demos project seeks to understand the relationships between violent groups and networks and non-violent radical groups, as well as their relationship with the global Muslim community. It will also explore the underlying factors influencing the extent to which violence becomes a tool for Muslim (Islamist) protest, with a focus on four countries (the UK, France, the Netherlands and Denmark) but drawing on thinking and research from a wider range of countries. It will draw on existing research and networks from a wide range of academic disciplines, including security studies, human geography, political science and international relations, social anthropology, sociology, and religious studies.

Through this project Demos will provide insights into implications for policy makers in the case study countries as well as for others (especially European and North American ones). The recommendations will be especially beneficial for policy makers working in counter-terrorism, policing, tackling violent extremism, deradicalisation, immigration, and community cohesion.

Methodologies will include literature review, interviews, network mapping, case studies, and thematic workshops. The findings will be presented in an interim and final report.


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