Recollection, Remembering and the Complex Nature of the Self

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Institute of Psychological Sciences


One of the recent advances in psychology is an understanding of how subjective experience influences memory. One does not just retrieve information from the mind like a computer, but we interact with it, and it gives rise to feelings, sensations and generates thoughts and mental images. These critical contemporary issues are the main topic for consideration in this series of Franco-British Collaborative workshops. The workshops will focus on how these feelings and thoughts associated with memory relate to the self, and will begin to explore how such feelings are used in learning situations, language use, and how they are disrupted in mental illness and the healthy aging process.


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Souchay C (2009) Memory and consciousness in Alzheimer's disease. in Current Alzheimer research

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Souchay C (2009) Memory and Consciousness in Alzheimers Disease in Current Alzheimer Research