Migration, Health and Wellbeing: Comparative Perspectives from Britain and France

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Geography


These workshops aim to produce a framework for comparative Franco-British research on health and wellbeing of migrant populations in Britain and France. This theme is important and timely given current debates concerning the health and social welfare impacts of international and intra-national migration. In Britain and France, these public debates are informed by different rhetorics and ideas about how migrant populations should be incorporated culturally, socially and economically within the wider 'host' society in ways that promote good health and wellbeing.

A series of workshops will be convened from Durham University and from Université Rennes 2 to produce a framework for comparative, multi-disciplinary Franco-British research on the health and wellbeing of migrant populations in Britain and France. The seminars will be innovative in providing a forum for international and multi-disciplinary exchange. Topics for seminars will be finalised in discussion by the steering group, but are provisionally planned as follows:

  1. The national idiom: representation of migrant populations in the language of public debate

  2. Housing and representations of home among migrant and itinerant populations.

  3. Health: education or empowerment?

  4. Migration, wellbeing and quality of life


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Curtis S (2010) Health, Wellbeing and Immigrant Populations in France and Britain in International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care