Community Networks and Mobilisation in Delivering Neighbourhood Security: Exploring Concepts of 'Horizontal' and 'Vertical' Co-Production

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Sch of Social Sciences


This project will undertake a preliminary investigation of the capacity of communities to become involved in work to improve neighbourhood security. The proposal is designed around three components:

  • Preparing two backing papers to inform and frame an expert seminar discussion

  • An expert seminar on the topic of ‘mobilising communities for social control’ to be held at Cardiff University

  • Writing a paper distilling the findings and dissemination. 

The concept of co-production is central to current debates around ‘the Big Society’ and attends to how communities and individuals connect and collaborate with public service providers to design and deliver solutions to social problems.

This proposal seeks to develop conceptual resources that might help to better frame understandings of how and why citizens are involved in the provision of local social control, and what factors facilitate or impede such participation. This work will be informed by previous empirical studies by the applicants looking at the interface between police and communities in Neighbourhood Policing. In adopting this focus, it also speaks to wider debates about the intersections between formal and informal modes of social control, and the extent to which effective policing is needed to catalyse community mobilisation


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Description The work generated insights into the extent to which police were neglecting the capacities and capabilities of civil society organisations in neighbourhood security generating efforts.
Exploitation Route The work probably has resonance for the more recent growth in interest of co-production methodologies in public services more generally.
Sectors Government, Democracy and Justice

Description The work on the co-production of social control has informed participating police organisations, principally South Wales Police, about their public engagement strategies and processes.
First Year Of Impact 2013
Sector Government, Democracy and Justice
Impact Types Policy & public services