Cable Carrying and Accoustically Damped Thermoplastic Sleepers (CAD_TPC)


Cables need to cross rail lines at regular intervals as part of the signalling system & must be electrically isolating. There are major disadvantages with the current methods of cable crossings which cause significant disruption when they fail & are expensive to install. Futhermore, urban rail systems can generate unwanted noise and this is often due to the use of concrete or steel sleepers. This project will deliver a range of unique, reinforced thermoplastic sleepers to address the practical issues of cable management & emission of sound to the environment and will demonstrate their performance in field trials with London Underground and Moorland & City Railways. This project addresses aspects of cost, carbon, capacity & customer satisfaction for the rail infrastructure. The project is a partnership of MERL Ltd, Oxford Plastic Systems Ltd and Testsure Technology Ltd with the TSB.


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