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Lead Participant: Thoughtonomy Ltd


UK organisations spend £58.3bn/yr on IT (UKTI, 2014) of which 28% (over £16bn/yr) is
spent on staff, yet skilled IT support staff often perform manual, repetitive admin tasks
(National Outsourcing Assoc, 2012). Human error (5-7% for service desk operations), causes
over 35% of data centre outages (Computer Weekly, 2013). Off-shoring IT service operations
can further reduce quality (Forbes, 2013).
Companies must implement automation to remain competitive, however adoption is restricted
by the 3 current methods (Role-specific tools, Service Management Tool Suites and ad-hoc
scripting by in-house developers) being prohibitively complex, expensive or limited.
Led by CEO Terry Walby (over 20yrs experience in IT Services and Enterprise Software, and
automation), Thoughtonomy have created a new approach that offers an alternative to offshoring,
whilst maintaining security and stimulating skilled UK employment. Thoughtonomy
have proven the concept of a new automation platform which creates "virtual workers" in IT
support by combining a robotic automation platform with key knowledge components. These
are are linked together to form automation sequences where the "virtual worker" uses existing
software tools to execute tasks. Thoughtonomy have successfully tested a lab prototype with
potential customers but now require a full prototype to develop the functionality and exploit
market interest. This project will develop, prototype and test an enterprise-class automation
platform with an object library of common building blocks from which complex automation
procedures can be easily formed.
Thoughtonomy’s proprietary software represents an advance in the state of the art for the
provision of service operation software and a step-change in the automation of support
functions in organisations.

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