TOPLESS - Thin Organic Polymeric Light Emitting Semiconductor Surfaces

Lead Participant: Thorn Lighting Limited


Project Topless will through research and development, device benchmarking and feedback, produce a new generation of light emitting polymeric materials specifically for the generation of high quality white light in devices for general solid state lighting applications. The architecture of these devices will also be developed to optimise light extraction and thus external quantum efficiency whilst addressing important issues such as ITO replacement and compatibility with mass production. A target glass based device platform with 15000hrs lifetime, delivering 200cd/m2 (~2000 lumens/m2) with efficiencies > 20Lumens/W has been set for the end of year 3. The development of a generic PLED device platform and manufacturing process within this project will open up many opportunities for the introduction of polymer based solid state lighting into existing and new markets globally.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Thorn Lighting Limited, LONDON
Cambridge Display Technology Limited, United Kingdom £1,124,130 £ 674,478
Durham University, Durham £918,592 £ 492,909




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