CAST2 Collaborative Aerodynamic Simulation Toolset 2

Lead Participant: Airbus UK Limited


The CAST 2 project will research, develop and test new mesh generation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computational aero-acoustics (CAA) and optimisation technology, in order to deliver a competitive advantage to the aerodynamic design and analysis capability of UK industry, and to maintain UK world class expertise in development and application of aerodynamics technology. This objective is achieved through close partnership between multiple partners in industry, research organisations and universities in the UK. CAST 2 builds on the successful partnership and collaboration created in CAST 1, taking the CFD/optimisation technology to a new level of capability and maturity, bringing in CAA development, facilitating greater technology transfer through inclusion of university partners and widening the industrial exploitation to six partners including two partners exploiting the technology in non-aerospace sectors. Exploitation of this technology significantly enhances; transport design for low environmental impact, financial exploitation to improve partner competitiveness, UK position in aerodynamic design capability.


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