Visualisation tools for effective face matching

Lead Participant: Omniperception Ltd.


The objective of the project is to carry out research into and develop the first tool to assist face matching by humans. The project will investigate the merit of different face image morphing, normalisation and modification techniques and strategies and quantify their psychometric effectiveness. Face visualisation tools will be developed that will allow a query image to be fitted to a 3D face model. The representation of the image in the face space will then be manipulated along the line connecting the query face and the face space origin, associated with the average face image, as well as a direction orthogonal to it. The advances in scientific knowledge derived from these investigations will feed into the development of the proposed visualisation tool. Such a tool will advance the current capabilities in forensic face image matching, and other applications such as duplicate detection in the national ID database.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Omniperception Ltd., LONDON £625,351 £ 315,000


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £335,623 £ 335,623
University of Stirling, United Kingdom £225,740 £ 225,740


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