Small-scale hydrogen production utilising a waste company's RDF feedstock to power its own commercial fleet.


The green hydrogen sector has reached a pre-commercialisation stage and is set to be a major player in decarbonising our economies. Several large-scale projects are now reaching commercial demonstration scale but are limited by high CAPEX/OPEX. Combined with the UK's Renewable Transportation Fuel Obligation and government policies to improve resource efficiency, divert waste from landfill and meet local waste management needs, a significant opportunity has been created for hydrogen conversion technologies to produce sustainable transport fuel from readily available feedstocks such as Solid Recovered Fuel.

Project lead Compact Syngas Solutions, supported by ASH Waste Services a large independent waste company and the Pure Energy Centre specialist hydrogen engineers, are looking to bring proven technology and expertise in gasification/gasifier processes, waste recycling, fuel preparation and hydrogen storage, to address these challenges and bring to market an affordable small-scale/modular gasification unit, located on-site, utilising feedstock to produce hydrogen transport fuel.

The ultimate aim of the project is to demonstrate that hydrogen for transport can be produced efficiently and reliably at MW scale by utilising Solid Recovered Fuel. feedstock via gasification that will be able to comply with the Renewable Transportation Fuel Obligation scheme and that there is the available feedstock, infrastructure, route-to-market and end-user demand.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Compact Syngas Solutions Limited, Deeside £190,641 £ 133,448


Ash Waste Services Limited, Oswestry £36,660 £ 21,996
Pure Energy Centre Limited, Baltasound £66,971 £ 46,880


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