Digistain - Breast Cancer Companion Diagnostic for over-prescribed chemotherapy



Digistain is a market-ready, UK-based clinical diagnostics company transforming breast cancer treatment to save time, money, and lives.

Where current companion diagnostics delay treatment decisions for up to a month, our technology provides oncologists with decision-making data in just 15 minutes. This means chemotherapy can be avoided where appropriate and enables patients to avoid the unnecessary increase in the risk of death caused by chemotherapy toxicity by 50%.

When chemotherapy is required and initiated immediately, time makes the difference between life and death with every 30-day delay increasing the chance of death. Digistain enables oncologists to leapfrog currently available technologies to provide superior care quickly and affordably.

Our founders, Dr Chris Phillips and Dr Hemmel Amrania hold PhDs from Cambridge and Imperial College London respectively and have won multiple research awards for this innovation already. Digistain has been trialled with leading British cancer treatment centres including Imperial College Healthcare, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, and Barts Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University London.

While other risk profiling solutions use a fixed assessment of data from wet chemistry analysis, Digistain leverages machine learning to identify patterns invisible to fixed algorithmic approaches. Digistain captures a unique spectral signature from each biopsy and performs analysis on over 10,000 data points per biopsy. With this information, Digistain's artificial intelligence process computes an accurate risk score which has been validated on over 800 patients in a study reviewed by Cancer Research UK. The study demonstrated superior clinical performance to the incumbent.

Digistain offers a significant advantage over the existing state-of-the-art technology. Currently, oncologists must wait several weeks for test results. The aim of this project is to guide adjuvant (post-surgery) therapy decisions to improve patient outcomes, promote UK economic growth, and save lives -- all while reducing care inequalities by being affordable to more patients.

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