ALBioN - Artificial Ligament with Bioactive Nanostructure (OM-DTI LigaMimeticc Proj)

Lead Participant: Tigenix Limited


This project was aimed at the development of a medical device for the regenerative repair of torn ligaments, using a proprietary and innovative platform technology for the production of smart, nanocomposite materials based on collagen, glycosaminoglycans and a bioactive calcium phosphate. This project activities built on this biomaterials technology to develop a product that would be both compatible with existing surgical techniques and capable of improving their outcomes. A key focus was the developemnt of a fibre extrusion technology for making working prototype of an implant for the repair of knee and shoulder tendon repair applications. The prototypes were tested in in-vitro and large-animal models. The four partners in this consortium comprise a world-leading centre for biomaterials resarch; a renowned institution for preclinical and clinical orthopaedic research; a leading manufacturer of medical-grade collagen; and an SME focussed on the development of novel products for the regenerative repair of articular joint injuries.

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Tigenix Limited, Cambridge


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