PROduction Systems for Value Added Cluster Technologies (PROSVACT)

Lead Participant: Teer Coatings Limited


PROSVACT (PROduction Systems for Value Added Cluster Technologies) has developed technology which facilitates the economic manufacture of high value, innovative products based on the unique properties of nanoclusters with selected composition & size. It is relevant to many important & growing markets, key to UK Industry’s future profitability, including catalysis, bio-science (for diagnosis, drug development & therapeutic monitoring), photonics, etc.
PROSVACT was led by Teer Coatings Ltd., now part of Miba AG, together with the industrial partners Inanovate UK Ltd. & Johnson Matthey Plc. The University of Birmingham provided the underpinning fundamental science in the project, building on the pioneering work of Prof Richard Palmer’s Nano Physics Research Laboratory.
PROSVACT was directly aligned with key aspects of the High Value Manufacturing call, which formed part of Phase 1 of the Technology Strategy Board’s Technology Programme, in Autumn 2007. The project was focused on unique and high value products (atomic cluster deposition equipment) which in turn will support a growing range of high-value added components of increasing importance to the UK's manufacturing base, and two high growth fields were specifically targeted: bio-medicine and fine chemical products/catalysis. PROSVACT provides a local customisation capability, enabling a rapid and flexible response to demand for changes in cluster-based components' performance.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Teer Coatings Limited, DROITWICH £558,689 £ 248,271


Johnson Matthey Plc, LONDON £252,720 £ 126,360
Inanovate (UK) Ltd, SA1 SWANSEA WATERFRONT £599,644 £ 262,260
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £353,422 £ 353,422


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