Recovery of Nickel From Filter Cake (Reconif)

Lead Participant: Env-Aqua Solutions Ltd


RECONIF is a collaborative research project which has developed an innovative approach to the recovery of nickel from waste as exampled by filter cakes, used batteries and other renewable feedstocks. A patented process has been developed which combines the use of novel ionic-liquid based extraction to dissolve nickel from feedstock, in conjunction with integrated electrochemical recovery technology. This innovative development has taken the selective recovery of nickel beyond current chemical and physical-based state-of-the-art solutions. The developed RECONIF process utilises a hydrophobic task-specific ionic liquid exhibiting selective solubility towards metal oxides and hydroxides and which upon subsequent acidification’ with ‘phase switching task specific ionic liquid (TSIL) which enables nickel to be selectively released upon subsequent acidification from which recovery via electrowinning may be effected with the ionic liquid being reused for subsequent extractions.




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