ReMould builds upon the work of the TSB funded DevulCO2 project which successfully
developed a continuous devulcanisation system for the production of devulcanised rubber from waste tyres.
ReMould will increase the market available to this process by transferring the technology to other waste rubber products (e.g. EPDM automotive weatherstrip) and so
expand the range of goods that can be manufactured from the devulcanised rubber.
Other principal aims of the project are to:
- Develop the devulcanised tyre rubber for the re-treading of passenger and truck
- Improve processibility to enable extruded rubber profile to be produced.
- Successfully scale up the process via the acquisition of large-scale process
ReMould will enable rubber recyclers to increase the value of recycled rubber and provide the opportunity to enter many key rubber sectors for the manufacture of high value end products. In addition, the process will provide significant economic benefits to rubber compounders and moulders, whilst contributing to the environment by minimising tyre waste.




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