Realising the potential of next generation printed phatmaceuticals

Lead Participant: Glaxo Group Limited


Liquid Dispensing Technology (LDT) is a novel manufacturing platform technology
developed by GlaxoSmithKline to aid in the rapid development and manufacture of low-dose and/or
highly potent products. Drug product is prepared in a liquid form and then applied to placebo tablets. The solution preparation significantly reduces the potential risk for operator exposure and eliminates or minimizes the need for extensive and costly containment facilities. This novel dosage form provides unparalleled dose reproducibility and the potential for 100% Real-Time-Release. Product development can be significantly accelerated with excipient interactions reduced and the potential to rapidly formulate prototypes. LDT is a scale-independent process that reduces technology transfer complexity and risk. Compared to conventional tablet processing, LDT can progress new products into clinic trials faster, avoiding investment in the costly facilities and equipment needed to make low dose, highly potent products. GSK has installed a commercial scale LDT production facility at Barnard Castle in County Durham, UK. LDT as originally developed was for use with immediate release products and suitable for doses in the range of 1 microgram to 5 milligrams. A Technology Strategy Board sponsored collaborative project that involved GlaxoSmithKline working with Leeds and Durham Universities has significantly increased the capability of LDT. The project has expanded the applicability of LDT by enabling the delivery of significantly higher drug loadings and further developing the understanding of the fundamental science of the manufacturing process.

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Glaxo Group Limited, BRENTFORD
University of Leeds, United Kingdom £336,085 £ 336,085
Durham University, Durham £212,175 £ 212,175




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