FlexIC - Printed Logic Supply Chain

Lead Participant: Pragmatic Printing Limited


The transistor is the basic building block for logic and has been key to the success of microelectronics from highly demanding aerospace applications to commoditised consumer electronics. Printed logic, analogous to the silicon integrated chip, is necessary for plastic electronics to realise its forecast huge potential. Today logic accounts for just £7M (0.5%) of the plastic electronics market and yet by 2028 is expected to achieve a similar share as today’s silicon logic (~33%, £65B, IDTechEx). Conventional transistor design and low-performance materials severely limit development of printed logic beyond simple arrays of identical transistors currently achievable. The objectives for this project are (i) to establish a manufacturing supply-chain for printed NMOS logic from fabrication of printed logic (nanoscale transistor and logi-gates) – Epigem/PragmatIC/Cambridge Integrated Knowledge Centre; materials (metal oxide semiconductor and complementary dielectrics) and deposition equipment – Cambridge University/PlasmaQuest; high-resolution multi-level printed circuitry – Epigem; singulation and packaging - Optek; functional test - Keithley; device modelling - Silvaco; (ii) proof-of-principle for printed PMOS logic for future integration in CMOS (low-power plastic electronics) - PPL/CIKC/CU/PQL. The project will employ a sheet-based process to provide printed logic component which itself will be commercially viable. However, each process developed will have a natural transition for future continuous processing to drive lower-cost production. Feasibility trials for continuous processing will be undertaken where possible within project constraints.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Pragmatic Printing Limited, SEDGEFIELD STOCKTON-ON-TEES £845,215 £ 397,867


Tektronix U.K.Limited, BRACKNELL £32,042 £ 14,750
Nano ePrint Limited £23,001
Epigem Limited, Redcar £300,432 £ 144,000
Plasma Quest Limited, Hook, United Kingdom £274,714 £ 132,000
OpTek Limited, United Kingdom £258,602 £ 124,000
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £417,560
Silvaco Europe Ltd, St Ives £146,900 £ 67,501


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