Tidal Turbine Blades - Maximising Reliability and Performance and Reducing Cost (BMAX)

Lead Participant: Airborne Composites LTD


The project number
Project number 100853
TP number 583-12206
The project title
Tidal Turbine Blades – Maximising Reliability & Performance & reducing cost. (BMAX)
The project description
This application addresses Strand 1 development of second generation existing devices
Aviation Enterprises Ltd (AEL) is acknowledged in the industry a key part of the supply chain for tidal turbine (TT) blades, and seeks to consolidate the technology by continued development of systems and materials. AEL has almost completed a comprehensive materials R&D programme under the Carbon Trust, and development of a more fatigue resistant resin under the TSB NEW-MMEETT programme, and has now developed and patented an innovative concept in root attachment systems. This consortium, which is based on the TSB NEW-MMEETT group seeks to build on this work to improve reliability further as well as improving performance and reducing costs in advance of the expected upturn in demand for blades in 2014. The main opportunities going forward, to be addressed are;
1.Further testing of the spar root concept to increase confidence & understanding of this structure, enabling slimmer versions to be developed to improve rotor performance.
2.The new resin developed by ACG under NEW-MMEETT needs to be taken into use and tested at high level, ideally in a spar root assembly and ACG have ideas for a new approach entirely that, in the longer term may provide significant cost savings
3. Better adhesive technology – improved adhesives with particular attention to fatigue performance and durability will be needed as we develop more efficient root joints.
4. To further develop the composite fatigue prediction software being developed by Bristol University
The project participants
Aviation Enterprises Ltd
Wessex Resins & Adhesives Ltd.
Materials Research Laboratory Ltd
Umeco Ltd (Was Advanced Composites Group Ltd)
University of Bristol
The amount of grant offered to each participant.
Aviation Enterprises Ltd £117140
Wessex Resins & Adhesives Ltd. £ 45322
Materials Research Laboratory Ltd £ 121524
Umeco Ltd (Was Advanced Composites Group Ltd) £149000
University of Bristol £120000




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