Development of very low carbon footprint hydrogen distribution, utilising: 90% lower cost alkaline electrolyser with low cost end-user fuel cell solutions manufacturing

Lead Participant: Arcola Energy Limited


This project aims to deliver a step change in the uptake of low carbon, hydrogen fuel cell-based solutions for consumer & commercial markets. Achieved through:
• Technology breakthrough delivering 90% lower cost electrolyser.
• Low carbon footprint hydrogen distribution in new light-weight, 300barg composite cylinder.
• Mass customisation manufacturing system for fuel cell-based low carbon products.
Project deliverables:
• New 5kW electrolyser stack costing £75/kW to manufacture. Using electricity at 4 pence/kWh, provides up to 2.3kg H2/day at £3.6/kg H2. Improvement to existing prototype - scaling up electrodes to improve cell efficiency. Novel design eliminates up to 70% parts-count from conventional designs. Patented electrodes improve lifespan for intermittent operation.
• Installation of electrolyser at facility feeding dedicated 300 barg cylinder filling plant, enabling commercial distribution of 300barg low carbon footprint hydrogen cylinders.
• Creation of innovative manufacturing and supply system for one-off and batch production of (initially) three customisable fuel cell product families at W, 100W and kW scale. Ready-to-use solutions for a range of under-exploited niche markets in transport, portable and stationary applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arcola Energy Limited, London, United Kingdom £398,057 £ 199,029


Re Hydrogen Limited, HORSHAM £414,869 £ 207,435
Boc Limited, THE SURREY RESEARCH PARK, £73,816 £ 36,908


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