High performance Solar Cell Fabrication (SolarFAB)

Lead Participant: Iqe Plc


The SolarFAB project will develop a robust Concentrated Photovoltaic solar cell fabrication process on large 150mm substrates compatible with high efficiency multi junction solar cells operating at concentrations up to 1000 suns and current densities exceeding 10A/cm2.

The project will develop robust top and bottom level metallisation processes and optimal current collection strategies with particular attention paid to minimise the cost and environmental impact of these stages. The metallisation for solar devices requires low contact resistance and solar shadowing, whilst optimising coupling of solar energy into the device with the aim of maximising the useful energy generated by the solar device. Different CPV cell producers use different lens concentrating arrangements e.g., creating a gaussian or uniform light distribution on the cell. The top level interconnects design strategies and Anti-Reflection Coatings will optimise conditions for the prevailing lens types. The key technical innovations are the development of such capabilities on triple junction 150mm substrates at a low cost, realising the competitive potential of CPV over other forms of photovoltaics. In recognising the growing importance of CPV in the renewable energy sector, the EU has recently announced the NER 300 project to develop a 20MWatts CPV system.

A prime objective of the project is to place the project partners in an excellent position to supply CPV triple junction cell material/devices, putting the UK in a prime position to supply the solar renewable market, particularly regarding exports.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Iqe Plc, CARDIFF £215,361 £ 107,681


Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Limited, Blantyre, UK £272,454 £ 136,227
Semefab Limited, Glenrothes £77,716 £ 38,858


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