Process development for Titanium Composite Cost Reduction and Manufacturing Maturity, TiCCRaMM

Lead Participant: TISICS Limited


Titanium matrix composites (TMC), silicon carbide fibre in a titanium alloy matrix, are novel materials with a unique combination of strength and low weight attractive in a range of applications e.g. aerospace, space and energy sectors. The objective of the TICCRAMM – Titanium Matrix Composite Cost Reduction and Manufacturing Maturity - project is to develop existing production technologies for TMC to lay the foundation for a high value supply chain into these sectors. The proposal brings together a consortium led by TMC specialist SME TISICS of OEMs Rolls-Royce and Messier Bugatti Dowty, SKYLON spacecraft development SME Reaction Engines and supply chain partner Bodycote HIP. The project aims to resolve key technological challenges for greater manufacturing maturity and viable manufacturing economics; reducing silicon carbide fibre process steps, developing customisable net shape manufacturing methods, new low cost and / or reusable tooling materials and improving feedstock conversion. Current low volume demand, low maturity and manufacturing methods dispersed between OEMs and SMEs make the technology uneconomic at present; success will lead to a world-leading, low-cost integrated capability for TMC as the foundation of a future UK supply chain for demanding applications, markets, and environments which are mass critical and unsuited to polymer composites. In aerospace TMC can reduce weight and thus fuel burn, emissions and life cycle costs. Similarly, improved performance, reliability and service life can be achieved in other sectors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

TISICS Limited, Farnborough, United Kingdom £723,058 £ 414,233


Safran Landing Systems UK Ltd £114,567 £ 35,974
Bodycote H.I.P. Limited, Chesterfield £89,979 £ 28,393
Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom £152,100 £ 47,755
Reaction Engines Limited £124,510 £ 74,706


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