DelAgua Water Testing Ltd in partnership with the University of Surrey has been awarded a grant from the Technology Strategy Board to develop a rapid microbial test called ‘Quick-Test’. Quick-Test will be a simple, low cost, user friendly, portable test system for the detection of indicator bacteria and pathogens in food, beverages and water. To achieve this goal, the kit will be semi-automated and produce a quantitative result in less than an hour. The objectives for this project are to be able to provide a low cost test, with a count of viable bacteria specific to a target species, with results being achieved in under an hour, compared to the 18 hours to 10 days of current standard testing methods.
Applications for this technology range from a drinking water test for the developing world to sophisticated multi-species testers for the developed world suitable for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well on site testing anywhere in the food production chain.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

DelAgua Water Testing Limited, Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM £499,851 £ 79,136


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £341,578 £ 341,578


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