Component life knowledge from interactive components; enabling condition-based asset management in construction and aerospace

Lead Participant: Skanska UK PLC


The project will create knowledge management solutions in which live data from a range of sensors can create improved component life predictions. These can in turn be integrated into asset management processes in the construction, aerospace and other sectors. It will support the move from planned preventative maintenance to condition-based servicing, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness, less failure in service and enhanced asset value. In construction the focus will be on M&E equipment in a hospital plant room and other facilities where these benefits can be realised. The project builds on a previous TSB-funded project which has developed innovative 'senztags' - integrated RFID-enabled devices incorporating tags and sensors, with energy harvesting capabilities, and data capture/handling middleware. This enables long term capture of component life-related data in aerospace and construction environments. The sensor capabilities of Senztags can be selected and adapted for the varying needs of specific applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Skanska UK PLC, Rickmansworth, United Kingdom £410,003 £ 200,000


Building Research Establishment Limited, Watford, United Kingdom £506,032 £ 253,000
Leonardo MW Ltd £999,627 £ 499,813


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