Light Touch

Lead Participant: M-SOLV LTD


The touch sensor market is currently experiencing rapid growth with high penetration in to the mobile and handheld device sector. Currently these devices use materials that are deemed to be strategically important, rare, and expensive with volatile trading prices. Light Touch is an ambitious project that will investigate the use of flexible glass as an alterntive to convetional rigid substrates for capacitive touch sensors in mobile applications. In addition to using flexible glass, low cost and non-strategic materials will be investigated to develop a solution processable alternative to ITO as a transparent conductor as well as a continuous R2R fabrication process for coating, curing and singulation. A disruptive technology will be developed that will create cheaper, lighter and more enivronementally friendly capacitive touch sesnors for the mass handheld and mobile market.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

M-SOLV LTD £489,933 £ 244,966


TOUCHNETIX LIMITED £98,026 £ 49,000


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