Digital Displacement Rail Transmission with Flywheel Energy Storage


This project combines, for the first time, the innovative Ricardo Kinergy flywheel and Artemis Digital Displacement® hydraulic pump/motors in a regenerative energy recovery system for a commuter rail-car. Bombardier Transportion will provide system-integration expertise to ensure that the system can be packaged into existing rolling stock. The project outcomes will demonstrate that fuel savings in the range of 10% to greater than 20% are achievable on commuter routes. On exploitation, the technology will enhance the performance of existing trains without the need for infrastructure improvement.
A technology demonstration at the completion of the project will hopefully provide convincing evidence for the performance and competitiveness of the technology. The hardware should be robust and long-lived and will justify the modest cost of installation with a rapid pay-back.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Artemis Intelligent Power Limited, LOANHEAD £514,328 £ 257,150


Ricardo UK Limited, United Kingdom £447,259 £ 186,355
Short Brothers Plc, BELFAST
Bombardier Transportation UK Limited, DERBYSHIRE £98,736 £ 49,368


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