New filtration technologies for antibody removal from donated blood components (SANGUIS)


The feasibility of developing a new blood filter incorporating novel 'Hydrospace' textile technology containing pre-encapsulated binders for the selective removal of harmful antibodies in donated blood plasma has been proven in a 2011 TSB-funded feasability study. This project will further develop a robust, high quality, NHS-approved filter which is effective at removing sufficient levels of blood group specific antibodies. This will enable the production of universal plasma, enabling one plasma product to be transfused to patients of all blood groups, whilst maintaining the post-filtration blood component clinical quality. A universal plasma will result in clinical and economic benefits. Once developed, we intend that the blood pack manufacturing partner will gain Marketing Authorisation Approval and commercialise the filter.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Limited, Leeds £328,590 £ 173,627


NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), Watford, United Kingdom £116,850 £ 58,425
Carbosynth Limited, Compton £243,942 £ 121,993
Macopharma (UK) Limited, LONDON £103,856 £ 42,747


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