Valve integration through additive layer-manufacturing (VITAL)

Lead Participant: Moog Controls Limited


A consortium including Moog Controls Ltd, Renishaw Plc and the University of Bath has been funded to investigate new integrated motion control devices. The consortium are conducting research and development in the fields of selective laser melting, piezoelectric actuation and non-contact absolute digital position sensing. The technical aims of this work are to radically change the shape, architecture and performance of motion control devices for aerospace and industrial markets.. The non-technical aims of this work are to retain high quality engineering jobs in the UK, reduce material waste, and reduce weight of aerospace components.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Moog Controls Limited, GLOUCESTERSHIRE £250,000 £ 25,000


Renishaw P L C, GLOUCESTERSHIRE £227,540 £ 25,000
University of Bath, Bath £373,012 £ 373,012


10 25 50