PEPSC (Primary Electrical Power Solid state power Controller)

Lead Participant: GE Aviation Systems Limited


The goal of the PEPSC project is to replace electromechanical devices used in aerospace primary electrical power distribution systems with an innovative SSPC (Solid State Power Controller) using Silicon Carbide technology. SSPCs have been used to provide switching capability for 28VDC, 270VDC and 115VAC secondary electrical power switching systems on recent aircraft platforms; PEPSC intends to extend the use of SSPC technology into primary power systems capable of 270VDC operation with an output current level in the range of 120A. PEPSC will enable the reduction of wire gauges which will result in lighter wiring harnesses, while allowing power to be isolated rapidly in the event of a fault thus improving system safety. PEPSC will also feature novel arc fault detection capability which will isolate power when an arc fault is detected.

Lead Participant

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GE Aviation Systems Limited, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Semelab Limited, Lutterworth, United Kingdom £441,717 £ 261,480




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