NANOFLAM - Novel Nanoscale Fluorescent Labels for the Medical Diagnostics Market

Lead Participant: Intrinsiq Materials Limited


Existing fluorescent labels used to detect biomolecules in a range of life science assays are either based upon organic fluorophores which have limited lifetime or quantum dots which are high cost, toxic and can only operate in limited chemical environments. Initial research by Intrinsiq Materials and the University of Bath has demonstrated a new radical fluorescent label to address a £520 million medical diagnostics market. This platform technology based on nanomaterials, could be applied to overcome the disadvantages of the existing fluorescent labels. Partnered with Abcam, a global market leader in research-grade antibodies, the objectives of the NANOFLAM programme are to develop and exploit these novel materials as an immediate technically superior alternative to traditional fluorophores and to address radical new potential multiplexing applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Intrinsiq Materials Limited, United Kingdom £686,973 £ 287,622


University of Bath, Bath £134,989 £ 134,989
Abcam Plc, CAMBRIDGE £93,101 £ 35,360


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