High quality surface finished aluminium rollers for mass replication (REPLICAL)

Lead Participant: Innoval Technology Limited


The aim of the REPLICAL project is to develop a new roll to roll production process route using aluminium rollers for continuously manufacturing polymer film with similar anti-reflective properties to those of a moth-eye. Proof-of-concept for the nanoreplication process has been demonstrated. We intend to scale-up roller manufacture to a commercial scale and to demonstrate the manufacture of a range of moth-eye film products for the display and touch-screen markets. Roller manufacture requires special aluminium sheet as starting material and innovative surface finishing to produce rollers with the surface for direct polymer replication for anti-reflective properties. The innovative roll-to-roll nanoreplication process will lead to a step-change in UK competitiveness through a novel manufacturing route for a wide range of biomimetic functional polymer films.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Innoval Technology Limited, Sheffield £200,117 £ 100,000


Stockfield Metal Spinners Ltd, BIRMINGHAM £111,194 £ 55,500
Macdermid Limited, BIRMINGHAM £213,853 £ 106,500


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